Contemporary Romances With Heart


Hometown Christmas

A blizzard, a baby, four sisters held hostage…

Newlywed Tawney Tabor is at a crossroads. Feeling pressured by her husband, Rick, to get pregnant, she needs some space. Thinking some girl time with her three sisters is just what she needs, she plans a girl’s weekend at her cabin—a weekend packed with enough Christmas cheer that she’d do Santa himself proud.

But things go awry when a blizzard traps Tawney, a very pregnant Star, Ruby and Brandi in the cabin with two armed fugitives. When it seems like things can’t get worse, Star goes into labor...

Hometown Heartbreaker

He broke her heart once…

Ruby Cooper has spent her adult life trying to forget a one night stand with hometown golden boy Dane Anderson, a night that left Ruby pregnant and alone. Now, ten years later, Ruby’s number one goal is to find the daughter she was forced to give up.

When a cruel twist of fate reunites Dane Anderson with the daughter he gave away, he has no choice but to put his own dreams on hold to raise her. Resigned to the life he leads, Dane’s upset when Ruby returns to town, determined to insert herself in their daughter’s life.

Hometown Hero

Everyone loves an Alaska man, especially when he’s the hometown hero…

The victim of a relentless stalker, Las Vegas burlesque dancer Tawney O’Hara leaves her life behind, heading home to the small Alaska town that once shunned her and her family. She’s learned the hard way that she can’t trust anyone, including the police. The last thing she wants or needs is a man in her life.

After being tortured and nearly killed while working undercover, Rick Tabor quit his dangerous job as an undercover police detective in Seattle and has now taken a job as a bartender in his home town of Seward, Alaska...

Hometown Star

Television production manager Starlene White has spent her life trying to overcome what she calls her “white trash” childhood. Born to a mother that changed husbands like most people change their toothbrushes, and after having raised her three younger siblings, she’s made a vow to never marry, or have children. For Star, family is overrated—big time.

When Star receives a letter from her childhood nemesis, Cade O’Brien, asking her to come to Alaska to remove her deceased aunt’s possessions from her mobile home, a mobile home that sits on O’Brien land, Star’s first thought is to refuse. Cade made her childhood a living hell. She never understood why he disliked her so much, and the last thing she wants is to comply with his wishes...

My love affair with Alaska began on my honeymoon. While vacationing in Alaska I fell in love with the endless summer nights, the incredible wildlife (imagine eagles, bears, and the best fly fishing ever!) and the breathtaking scenery. I knew that one day I would base a story in this beautiful state.

I was lucky enough to spend time in Seward, Alaska, the town used in Hometown Star. While writing this series, I tried to stay as true to my memories as possible.

I hope you enjoy this series. After all, who doesn’t love an Alaska man?


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